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About Me

My journey with dreadlocks started just over 20 years ago in Goa among hippies with long beautiful dreadlocks. I had unfortunately lost most of my hair before and even though I would love to even have the long locks of dreads, it was no longer possible for me with so little hair up my head.

So I decided to use my fascination  of dreadlocks on making dreadlocks on others around me. Here I learned most dreadlocks techniques for both, European, Scandinavian, Asian and Afro hair.

The years went by and in the meantime I found my love in Denmark. My wife was just as fascinated by dreadlocks as I was and she became my first dreadlocks customer in Denmark just over 11 years ago. Since then, I have made dreadlocks, repaired dreadlocks, made and applied extensions to countless satisfied customers of all ages and with great pleasure.

So if you want to be sure of a good and beautiful result both now and in the long run and refuse to compromise on the quality of your dreads, you have come to the right place at OdenseDread, where I value both service and the quality of my work highly. .

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